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Baldwin Door Hardware Depot - Baldwin Hardware Estate lever sets

Most of the levers pictured below can be purchased in passage, privacy and dummy functions. We can mix and match any of the components, and the finishes, and we sell all the levers and roses as separate items if needed. Important note: These beautiful levers can be used on standard prebored doors with 2 1/8" hole, as long as the proper rosettes and adapters are provided. Some websites just list the price for components for unbored doors which is not the true price. Pricing is always dependant on your particular doors and their hole prep.

Estate levers as shown below can all be ordered as separate individual parts, so any knob can be mated with any backplate (rosette) to give a totally customizable look. Of course, what rosette you choose is determined by the holes (if any) in your door. If you have a standard prebored door with 2 1/8" holes, you can not use one of the small rosettes. But larger versions of almost all the rosettes are available for prebored doors.

NEW 2017 All Estate knobs, levers and rosettes PDF file click HERE

Here is a link to the manufacturers website where you can use their lock designer to see what any knob and any rosette combination looks like on a door, it's great! Click HERE.


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