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Baldwin Brass Hardware general products      What are Baldwin Brass general products?

Baldwin Brass Hardware makes a huge variety of door accessories and other fine brass products for use all around the home. These product are all made of solid brass and have the same high quality as do all Baldwin Brass products. 

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NEW! Downloadable PDF file illustrating Baldwin general products.

We strongly recommend you download this PDF file, it contains all of Baldwin's "general" hardware product line with sizes and detailed pictures.  Everything you need to know about Baldwin Hardware general products is in this PDF click HERE

Baldwin Brass Door hinges - Baldwin Brass makes solid brass door hinges in many sizes, from cabinet size up to the 5 x 5 commercial door size. These hinges are available in every finish Baldwin makes, so as to compliment the door hardware perfectly. In the most common residential size, Baldwin brass hinges are now available in a 5/8 radiussed style, to facilitate easy installation in common prehung doors.
Baldwin Brass Cabinet hardware - Baldwin Brass makes a wide assortment of solid brass cabinet hardware, in many styles and finishes. Most of the styles shown are available in multiple sizes.
Baldwin Brass rim/pocket door locks - Baldwin Brass rim locks are an authentic reproduction of the early American rim locks as found on homes in colonial times. All rim locks are constructed of solid forged brass for exceptional durability and long life. The Baldwin sliding door locks are used on pocket doors where privacy is required. They are available in a privacy, passage and even keyed entry functions.
Baldwin Brass Door knockers - All Baldwin brass knockers are solid forged brass and made in mostly traditional styles. We stock most of them in several finishes as well as the 003 Lifetime finish which is guaranteed never to tarnish.
Baldwin Brass Cremone bolts - Cremone bolts are a beautiful way to securely lock any door or large window that doesn't require entry from the exterior. They can be used singly or in pairs, and can be purchased with the knob or lever of YOUR choice. We have these bolts in several finishes. Cremone bolts can be used on doors up to 12' tall with the proper extension rods.
Baldwin Brass Door fasteners and window hardware - Baldwin Brass makes a wide variety of door and window fasteners for many purposes. This page illustrates some of the common items that fall under this category.
Baldwin Brass Accessories - Baldwin Brass accessories items include door bells, door stops, ball catches for double doors, hooks and other items.
Baldwin Brass switchplates - Baldwin Brass switchplates add that special decorative touch to any home. Available in several styles and multiple finishes, these plates will really dress up your home.
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